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Our Rank Services Include:

Search Engine Rank Report
Content Management
Web Analytics
Link Building
News Article Writing
Blog Posting


Making Content Changes

As part of your monthly service we provide content to add to your website.

We know how to modify your existing text to make it more effective on the site. And when you want to add new content, let us do it for you. We will make it effective.

Website Analytics

We offers services analyzing the traffic on your websites. Learn more about website analytics reports.


Search Engine Rank Consultant

Get your website effectively ranked in the search engines. We get placement that will bring desired traffic to your website. Getting desired traffic is the primary goal of your search engine rank consultant.

"Whatever you are doing must be working, had two people by here today from the Internet"

- Leonard Hatcher, Automobile Repair

Get a Regular Report

We offer a regular search engine rank report that shows you where your website is ranked for the phrases you want to target. You can get a search engine rank report at no charge to see if your primary phrases are getting ranked in the search engines.

Our Services Are Customized For You

After discussing your target markets, we develop a plan that will get visitors to your website that need your services. Over time we modify your plan to further improve the performance of your site. Better performance comes with traffic and traffic comes with a better search engine rank.

Search engine rank report

We provide a monthly search engine rank report


Search engine rank matters

Setting Goals

The first thing we do as your search engine rank consultant is set goals for your website. To do this we need some information from you.

What phrases do we target?

Which search engines do we monitor?

When do we monitor your website's rankings?

Target Phrases

We help you determine what phrases to target. Click here to learn more.

Search Engines To Monitor

We normally monitor Google, Yahoo and Bing. But, some customers want to focus on one search engine. Sometimes there is a need to monitor other search engines such as YouTube, if your company is promoting with videos.

When We Monitor

Most of our search engine rank customers want their rank monitored weekly or monthly. But some businesses have other needs.

Some websites have a seasonal focus. Those focused on summer activities, like a summer camp, need to monitor their ranks in the winter and early spring when their potential customers are signing up for their services.